About our Service



Futures: 19-25 is an education and skills-based service which aims to support and enable young (post-19) learning-disabled people along the final stages of their journey into adulthood. To that end, our person centred programmes follow the principles set out in the government’s Preparing for Adulthood (PFA) programme (to learn more about this, please navigate to the Web Links tab) as well as accommodating outcomes set out in EHCP plans or agreed at the individual service planning stage.

We plan, assess and deliver flexible and highly person-centred programmes for a diverse group of young individuals living with Autism, Smith Magenis syndrome and non-specific learning disability and developmental disorders. These are people who benefit greatly from an extended period of focused educational and therapeutic input. Through our commitment and expertise, we seek to understand individuals and to enhance their key social interaction and coping skills. Ultimately, we seek to empower our young people towards a future life of growing self-knowledge, choice, control and minimal dependence.