Our Facilities and Local Amenities


What it's like to study here

Our students find life at Futures a little less formal than school. This is important and exactly as it should be. We are a bridge between formal education and their future lives; whether that be in work, education or further supported. We are flexible and self-centred in approach. We therefore seek to promote something positive for everybody.

We promote growth through learning and practical application of skills. We promote self-awareness and self-esteem. We promote appropriate and correct adult behaviour, self-management and social inclusion with social responsibility

(Please see ‘Our Learning Programmes’ in the ‘About’ section for a detailed description).



We are based in a brightly-lit and brightly-presented modern building in the Walton area of North Liverpool. We benefit from excellent road/rail transport links, easy access to a whole range of shops and we have a sports centre with swimming pool, a very large park and an urban farm on our doorstep. We have our own playing/sports field and secure parking for visitors, with provision for the disabled.

Our in-house facilities are all ground floor so we are totally wheelchair accessible. We have a large, colourful reception and atrium, an ICT room with workstations and interactive whiteboard; an art room, a large learning room (with interactive whiteboard) for more formal sessions (and a few informal ones such as music: percussion and karaoke). We also have a hydrotherapy pool for use by those with therapeutic needs.

We have a kitchen and dining room where a healthy, hot lunch is served each day (with special menu provision). We have a small and large sensory room and some small base rooms for quiet work or time away. Outside we have a patio and a small but marvellous urban garden with pots, planters, wind chimes, bird feeders, climbing ivy, a fixed bed of shrubs and flowers of every colour. We have a minibus (with wheelchair lift) and a car to get our students out and about.

What our service users say

I like it here a lot. I like the work in the community best. I love history and visiting places to learn about history. I use the computer room each day and plan my learning visits online in there. I also like maths because I’m good with numbers. I can do maths for 45 minutes at a time. I have a lot of friends here at Futures.

RT, age 20

I like it here because I see my friends. I like sensory stuff and most of the lessons, especially science, art and cooking.

SD, Age 23